Weaver Smart Cinch - Felt

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Easily and humanely cinch up a horse more securely the first time, every time, with the new Felt Lined Smart Cinch. Makes cinching up almost effortless. Features the patent pending Roll Snug™ Cinch Buckle with unique two roller design to eliminate the need to pull nylon against nylon. The two rollers allow the latigo strap to roll freely and give the rider more leverage.

Also features:
  • A contoured lip to help keep latigo securely positioned and guide user for a straight pull every time.
  • A thick, long buckle tongue with a hooked end to help keep latigo locked in place for added reliability.
  • A modern, streamlined design for a sleek look.
As a result, cinching up a horse is a breeze - perfect for women, men and youth of all ages! Felt lining and Roll Snug™ Cinch Buckle - what a great combo! Constructed of durable nylon, this cinch features a 1/2" black, 100% felt backer for extra comfort. With nylon off billet holder and stainless steel buckles and dees.