Classic Equine Performance Straight Shank Bit with Chain Port, 7-inch

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The 7-1/2" cheek style is next in the lineup. Extremely versatile, this bit can be used for training drills, pleasure riding, or competition. This cheek has a 2-1/2" purchase with a 5" shank. The shank is swept back, like the 6" model, but to a lesser degree, which offers more leverage and control. When properly adjusted, it is still considered a mild cheek, but one with plenty of leverage for control at increased speeds. The Ported Chain has a stainless steel cheek with an inlaid copper ported chain mouthpiece. This unique mouthpiece allows for tongue relief while providing flex and bend. It also encourages the horse to break at the poll. Sweet iron chain is pinchless and comfortable. Ideal for finished, well-broke horses.